Thursday, May 22, 2008

something you gotta czech out

conclusion: i approve of czech beer. especially 1 euro beer.

prague is pretty amazing, despite the chilly weather...the clouds have been threatening to rain all day. annie and i took a long stroll down the river Vltava which offered a rather breathtaking view. other people in prague appeared to agree, seeing how most of the riverside benches were filled with couples sucking each other faces off. oh, i will never understand european public displays of affection.

annie and i had lunch today in the Cafe Louvre, an old restaurant from 1902 where Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein and other famous folks used to dine. hopefully the restaurant didn't try to rip them off the way they did to us. the food was pretty good though.

our hostel is a pretty neat place too. we are pretty much down the street from the Fred and Ginger dancing building that famous architect Frank Gehry designed in Prague. it's a fun thing to stare at, even without the help of czech absinthe.

big jazz dude john mclaughlin was playing in town last night. i hate john mclaughlin a little less than pat methany but i sat outside the concert hall for a while and listened in anyway. despite my big hate-on for his adult contemporary elevator music style, it was pretty neat stuff to hear..for free.

in budapest i decided to take advantage of the free laundry, and as a result, all of my clothes -and annie's- have been dyed pink. i think i will commence a TAP system now...Throw-Away-Panties. buying new ones instead of washing them. sure beats laundry.