Tuesday, May 20, 2008

caught in hungarian rain...and hungarian B.O.

i picked up an guide to vienna to see what i missed, and it occurred to me that the term of endearment "schiessel" that my grandmother has used for me all these years (she used to live in Germany) actually means "my little shit" in German. i wonder if she was aware of this. i most certainly was not.

they show Korean dramas here on TV, dubbed in Hungarian. i think this is clearly further proof that we are taking over the world. also, annie and i were caught in a Hungarian film shoot last night, so keep your eye out for two especially good-looking korean extras.

annie and i are going to see Verdi's Don Carlos at the Opera House tonight. we are also going to try to catch the magical bus to Prague tomorrow. wish us luck for both!

i keep having nightmares about school, even though i'm on vacation. yesterday, i found out i may have gotten a B in Ethical Lawyering. so here's a heads up: i may decide not to come back home, and stay in Europe instead.