Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i see london, i see france, i am out of underpants

jai arrivee a paris hier soir, and that was when i discovered that RyanAir is, as Olaya put it, like the McDonalds of airlines. similar brand colours too. im not sure how comfortable i am with the idea of my airplane being a fast food joke, but i made it to france safely, even if i arrived in Beauvais instead of Paris, and had to take a long, long, long (and expensive!) bus ride into the city. what matters is that i am here! in paris! wow!

i am staying here with my good friend Melissa Laveaux, who also used to live in Ottawa. we used to play music together, back when i used to be a cool artsy musician instead of a nerdy law student. we even had a band, although i always get the band name wrong. Mel is that girl that i think enviously about when i am spending long hours in the library. while i am slaving away reading boring constitutional law cases, Mel is building her amazing music career in europe, touring in places like Zurich. a while ago, she opened for Feist here in France. currently she is recording an album in Paris. clearly, a far more interesting life than mine. i feel hip just being around her.

luke is in paris right now too, so last night him, mel and i met up at a brasserie for a glass of wine. i am proud to say that i ordered mine entirely in french. hopefully i will be able to practice more of my french this trip without accidentally horribly offending the parisiens here...