Friday, May 23, 2008

travelling with annie has been that i get to hear the pearls of wisdom that she shares every day. last night she woke me up in the middle of my sleep to tell me, 'dont you think that if we used paper hot dog style instead of hamburger style, we'd save a lot of trees.'

other tidbits of genius she has shared included, 'something smells mummified in here' in St. Stephen's Basilic. Also, her discovery that the paper towels here in Eastern Europe are softer than the toilet paper.

annie and i went to the opera again last night to see the Marriage of Figaro, which we enjoyed much more. not only were there English subtitles so we could follow along, but this opera was a comedy rather than a tragedy, with a lot of hilarious hinjinx that involved cross-dressing and sexual innuendos. oh mozart. Cherubino was played by a woman - im not sure if thats normal, but it definitely added to the fun of it. we used to play the Marriage of Figaro in concert band in high school, so i was bummed out that we missed the opening number when we came in late. i had been humming the tune all day in anticipation of it and was sorely deprived of the chance to sing along.

in other news, annie and i gave into temptation last night. we have gone an obscenely long time without any asian food whatsoever, and our cravings finally took over last night, so we hit up a chinese restaurant for dinner. IT WAS SO GOOD. not particularly gourmet or anything, we have just been missing grandma's cooking that much. mmmmm. tofu.

we also got to try some czech absinthe as well, complete with the whole lighting sugar in a spoon on fire bit. i hate licorice, so the taste was only so-so to me, but it was definitely strong - the czechs are known for their absinthe. i felt a sort of minty cool burning down my esophagus. annie said her tummy felt like it was getting its teeth cleaned. no hallucinations a la Oscar Wilde, of course. interesting stuff, although not as weird as the cannabis vodka they love selling around here.