Tuesday, May 27, 2008

je veux une fourchette

just arrived in nantes tonight taking the train from nimes. yes, i am alive. too tired to post. its been a crazy last couple of days. it was a good time but let me just say that i hate fleas and all italian transportation websites. and i am getting tired of trains.

wrote a couple of poems on the train though.

BAD HAIKU 1...yeah i was tired and trying to sleep
thy snoring is my
calming ocean sounds; tis my
soothing lullaby

so sick of the train
damn breathtaking landscapes. so
sick so sick so sick

bah, un homme francais
j avais voulu une fourchette
tu me donne un spoon.

that last one is dedicated to the bartender in marseilles. i asked him for a fork in french and he insisted that i meant a spoon.

more bad poetry to come later.