Wednesday, April 16, 2014

blood moon

I figured out how to use my tripod and turn on the night mode on my camera, just in time for the blood moon eclipse last night.

I first noticed the moon while walking home from snowboarding.  It was hovering just above the horizon, eerily huge.  I tried to take a picture of it, but it never looks the same on the screen.

I decided to stay up that night to watch the eclipse.  We run on Mountain Time up here, so I wouldn't have to stay up as late as you ordinary folks in the eastern time zone, but still it was definitely past my bed time. It was worth it. So I set up a lawn chair on my front step and watched the moon while listening to Cat Power on my headphones.

...and then got cold. So at around one in the morning, I went inside and watched from my living room window instead.  Which, as it turned out, had just as good a view.

moon above house. I wish my neighbour would shut off her lights

Then I realized the northern lights were also out at the same time.

Nunavut is a magical place.

I went outside for a walk.

i saw it written and i saw it say 
pink moon is on its way 
and none of you stand so tall 
pink moon is gonna get you all
-nick drake

The next night, the moon was even fuller and brighter, although it was no longer blood red.

Next month, the sun will stop setting. I am going to miss the night.

Bunnicula, lurking in the dark

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