Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Northern telecommunication blues

Somebody, please buy me some internet. Please.

In case you don't know how to read that, that's $108.46 worth of charges ON TOP of our ~$130 monthly internet bill. We consistently blow our bandwidth limit, often by the middle of the month. Help!*

*We can't buy more bandwidth.  This is the highest level that we can get.  Believe me, I checked.
*And it's not particularly fast internet either. But at least our internet is faster than Iqaluit's.

In other exciting news, Cambridge Bay finally has 4G.  Or 3G.  One of those. We've been promised that we can use our iPhones for a while now, since at least February 2013, but they've finally got it working...sort of.

This is kind of revolutionary, because have you seen my phone?

 It's from 1999. It's black and white and I'm pretty sure it was made before texting was invented, because it doesn't really do text messages very well. People suspect I'm a drug dealer because I carry around this burner phone. But it's not a burner phone. It's my actual phone. Also, did I mention I pay $80/month for this cell phone? Which obviously does not have a data plan? ("What's a data plan?" my phone asks me

Basically, before the 3G/4G network kicked in last week, we were on an older network that was only compatible with CDMA phones. Now everyone in town is excited because they can use their iPhones as an iPhone! I have an iPhone. I have been carrying it around as a very expensive notebook. Maybe I will hook it up to the new network and burn my burner phone. Maybe.  Or maybe not. There is something nice about not being so wired to technology all the time.

...wait, who am I kidding? Someone give me some Internet!

Meanwhile, don't forget to keep voting for us every day!