Thursday, April 3, 2014

update on the International Youth Internship Program

I've got great news, everyone! A while back, my colleagues and I wrote to the Minister of Foreign Affairs imploring the government not to cancel the Internaional Youth Internship Program. If you remember, I was able to have all of my Namibian adventures thanks to this program. This program helped launch my dream career as a human rights lawyer.

Yesterday, the International Development Minister announced that the government will continue to fund this program. This is a huge relief for many of us.  A big thanks to everyone who joined forces to let the government know just how important this program is!

In other news, if you tune into 89.1 CHUO FM today at 5PM Eastern Time, you might catch my band interview on the Ladies First radio show. Radio host Lina will also be playing our new song The Longest Night, which is our entry to CBC Music's Searchlight contest (Don't forget to vote for Scary Bear Soundtrack today!). You can also listen online.