Thursday, April 10, 2014

teen dance chaperone

I volunteered to be a chaperone at the local teen dance last weekend. Wait, when did we stop being teens? When did we get to be twice the age of teens? Yesterday, I met a musician that was born in 2001. HOW ARE PEOPLE BEING BORN IN 2001. In my mind, it's still 2001. Don't tell me Kurt Cobain's been dead for twenty years.

[/age-related confused rant]

Anyway, it was kind of nice to watch the kids have some good old fun on the dance floor, even though apparently "dancing" these days involve walking in a giant circle like you're at a 70s style disco roller skating party.  But I suppose that's way more exercise than standing shyly against the wall, stealing nervous glances at good-looking people, which is how the kids danced in my day.

this is how i dance nowadays: with the help of a video game

We've been getting really long hours of daylight now, so with all the windows in the high school gym, we had the unique issue of dealing with a very well-lit dance floor. Eventually the sun went down and the kids were able to fully enjoy the light show and music videos projected on the wall.  But until then, it felt kind of weird to me, because I personally prefer the darkness to hide my terrible dance moves. But the daylight didn't stop the kids from dancing, and my job wasn't to dance anyway, but to make sure nobody was getting up to any funny business. 

Eventually through the night while doing my stint as a teen dance chaperone, I came to the realization from my interaction with the kids that I might not make a very good parent.

Child: "I'm thirsty!"
Me: "That's too bad."
Child: "I lost my iPod!"
Me: "That's too bad."
Child: "I broke my iPod!"
Me: "That's too bad."
Child: "Those girls are playing with condoms like they are balloons!"
Me: "Condoms are good!"*

*but they are probably not very good as balloons.

DJ Bruce

circles, always circles

Oh, hey there. Have I reminded you to vote for our song "The Longest Night" for CBC Music's Searchlight contest? Don't worry. This will all end soon, or eventually, when we get kicked out of the contest.  Until then, just bear with me and click on the VOTE button here.

I have gotten to the point where I have stopped trying to come up with motivational slogans for my "memes" and just go with whatever thoughts pop into my head.