Friday, April 11, 2014

charity fridays...finally!

I haven't done my "Charity Fridays" in a while!  Not because I haven't been feeling charitable.  But here we are again!

My friend Jasmine is doing the CN Cycle for CHEO, the children's hospital in Ottawa. She's biking 70 km!  Help support her tired legs and vote here:

Also, Apartment613 is doing a really cool indiegogo campaign for their fellowship program. I'll let them explain it to you (they are all great writers, after all):

"The Apt613 Fellowship program will allow us to fund projects that go beyond a blog posts and radio segments. We will be looking for ideas that tell new stories about Ottawa, or that use innovative and exciting formats. The possibilities are endless.
  • A web mini-series that goes behind the scenes of Ottawa’s restaurants.
  • An in-depth series of articles on the local aboriginal arts community.
  • A John Stewart-type satire on municipal politics.
  • A web comic detailing dating life in the capital.
  • A photo essay on local fashion designers.
Anyone from the Ottawa community will be able to apply for a fellowship; successful candidates will get monetary support as well as advice and other assistance from Apt613. We're launching a fundraising campaign on indigogo to help raise $10,000 to support this initiative. $7,000 of our goal for this campaign will go directly to fund the fellowship projects, while the remaining $3,000 will help us offset administration and website costs. Any money past our goal will go towards administrative costs of Apt613 (hosting, fees for things like fluidsuvey as well as the salary of our amazing part-time coordinator and interns) and other initiatives like Support Local Month."

Make a contribution here:

And of course, don't forget to vote for my song The Longest Night for CBC Music's Searchlight contest for Canada's Best New Artist!