Monday, April 7, 2014

oh hey, snow!

We have a been getting a lot of snow lately. We don't usually get that much snow but the last few weeks have seen a lot of blizzardy weather. How much snow, you ask?

Enough snow that I can jump on to my friends' roof:
(Note that this is not a snow bank that a snow plough has piled high. This is how high the snow on the tundra seems to have actually accumulated).

Enough snow that some people have given up on shovelling and just climb over the snow banks to get into their houses:

Enough snow that there will be no freight deliveries today...or maybe ever:

Enough snow that the kids have starting building igloos on their front lawn.

At least I hope it's the work of kids, because it's not looking very complete.  Why have backyard hedges when you can have snow fences?

Despite all the snow, we have now moved to that time of the year when the sun is rising too early (5:30AM) and is waking me up way before my alarm clock. We're going to have to block the windows and start waking up in darkness again.  It was a nice couple of weeks while it lasted.  There are only a few weeks in the year where you can let the natural sunlight wake you up.  The rest of the year, you wake up in the darkness.  In just over a month, the sun is going to stop setting at all. The changes here are ever drastic.

frosted tips on my hair after a leisurely walk home in -43 windchill weather