Wednesday, April 9, 2014

bunnies! (Arctic hares)

There are bunnies everywhere!

The Arctic hares here are huge. I guess they've got to stay warm. They're also really fast so I rarely am able to get a good photo of them. I guess they've got to be fast, to survive from all the Arctic wolves and foxes and polar bears. 

They look so cute I just kind of want to eat them. My understanding is that folks here don't really eat the local bunnies, mainly because the bunnies eat our garbage, and that would kind of be like eating our own garbage.  But they're still pretty cute to look at.  Much cuter the raccoons that eat our garbage down south.

 You should also meet my friend's husky puppy. She's also really cute.

In other news, this week's theme is water, apparently. The bad news is that our pipes sprung a leak and got some of the stuff in our storage room wet. But at least it was the water pipe and not the sewage pipe.

this is what are music room looks like now. It is now a makeshift storage room. No jams today!
However, the good news is that we now have clean drinking water at work!

Also, have you voted for my band Scary Bear Soundtrack and our song with Avid Napper in CBC Music's Searchlight contest for Canada's Best New Artist? If not, vote today! And every day!